Tollywood Top Director Open Letter To PM Modi

Vastavam web: Filmmaker Puri Jagannadh has shocked many by writing an open letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Puri, who usually, reticent on political issues, has taken time out of his routine and wrote an open letter to PM Modi.

And the subject of the letter is that whether the single-use plastic really a problem? While single-use plastic has become a burning topic and PM and many others including CM KCR have announced its ban, Puri in his letter highlighted that this is not just the sole reason behind climate change.

Interestingly in his two-page long letter, Puri has not just addressed the issue, he has listed out the complete reasons for the climate change and he has also extended the solutions and measures for it. This is not all. Puri has also advised PM Modi on the necessity to give incentives to people who adhere and obey to these guidelines. Overall, Puri’s letter is really comprehensive and it is thought-provoking.

In his letter, Puri said the ban on single-use plastic would eventually lead to the rise in use of paper bags and this eventually result in more deforestation and cutting of trees. He said it would further affect the climate. Puri said the government should aware of people on increasing population and thus aware for more plantation and aforestration.