AP Govt seizes properties of Agri Gold and Heera Gold Group

Vastavam web: The AP government has been seriously concerned about the Agri Gold’s scam, which looted 32 lakh people in 8 states. The government has already seized a few more properties. Along with Agri Gold Farm Estates India, the govt acquired the assets of Heera Group, Sonal Land Construction and Farms India and Indi Trade Capital Limited.

Home Secretary Kishore Kumar issued the order on Thursday. The newly acquired Agri gold properties include 25,917 square yards of land, 56,407 square feet of construction buildings and 56.85 acres of land. CID officials said last month that it’s worth Rs 26.53 crore. The government has identified these assets in the districts of Guntur, Nellore, Visakha, Prakasam and Anantapur.

The government has also taken over 524.49 acres of land owned by Sheikh Nouhira, CEO of Heera Group, which is a token of publicity in the name of the fancy business. The government has confiscated 13.34 acres of land valued at Rs 88.78 lakhs related to Sonal Land Construction and Farms India Pvt Ltd.