Janasena Chief Shows His Simplicity in Haridwar

Vastavam web: Jana Sena chief Pawan Kalyan is on a holy trip in Haridwar. On Saturday Pawan took part in the ‘Ganga Harathi’ at Matha temple at Hari Pauri ghat. To witness this ‘Ganga Harathi’ Pawan woke up early in the morning and by foot he reached Hari Pauri Ghat. But what’s to be noticed here is Pawan’s simplicity. He took accommodation in a normal ashram and later dined with few people sitting on a normal mat. It’s like we are seeing a common man’s Haridwar pictures and this is what Pawan Kalyan is known for.

Also Pawan performed special rituals at the temple and he was accompanied by Indian water conservationist and environmentalist, Rajendra Singh and Ganges river restoration leader Ramesh Sharma.