YSRCP Buying Power, Coal at High Price: TDP

Vastavam web: The TDP on Thursday criticised the YSRCP government for purchasing power at a cost of Rs 11.68 per unit. The Opposition party also found fault with the government for its failure to procure sufficient coal stocks in advance. While the State government has been claiming availability of renewable energy at lower prices and aiming to renege PPAs, based on the assumption that it would be available at around Rs 3 per unit or even less, the Opposition party flayed the government for dragging the State to power crisis.

The TDP pointed out that the Energy department has been purchasing power at very high tariffs to meet ongoing crisis. The State government was spending more than Rs 11 per unit, since it failed to maintain sufficient coal stocks in advance to generate power to meet the demand.

He questioned how could one understand the intention of the government? The TDP also criticised the State government for its failure to collect electricity dues worth Rs 5,700 crore from the TS government, despite completing more than four months in governance. The State government completely neglected the available wind power and was depending only on generating thermal power. It forced the State energy sector into further troubles, Manikya Varaparasad added. Recalling the earlier claims of the State government that there was no demand for power beyond the generating capacity of the established thermal plants in the State, he questioned, if it was the case then why this crisis surfaced.

He further observed that the government has been purchasing the premium coal from Singareni Collieries Company Limited at Rs 3,710 per tonne. In fact, it is available at the same SCCL at Rs 2,650 per tonne, he said.