No Entry For Kids in Joker Movie in US

Vastavam web: The entry for kids has been restricted in the US theatres as Joker widely opens on Thursday. In fear of copycat crimes, police in major US cities are on high alert considering the 2012 mass shooting at a movie theatre in Aurora Colorado during the screening of The Dark Knight Rises, a Batman film. The families of the victims of 2012’s mass shooting are yet to come out of the tragey and expressed their concern about the new film “Joker”. With this, the Joker is not being screened at Aurora Colorado.

Although there are no specific threats, as precautionary measure, police have banned face masks and put no entry boards for kids. More police officers have been deployed outside the theatres that are screening Joker. Particulary, police in New York, Los Angeles and Chicago are on alert and have deployed officers in large numbers to avoid any untoward incidents.