TDP Chief Blasts YSRCP on Cheap Social Media Posts

Vastavam web: Former CM and Opposition Leader Chandrababu had emotional burst moment responding to the hatred campaign going on in online unabated against him, his son Lokesh, his party leaders. Demanding a strict and serious action against the culprits who are using social media tool to defame him and tarnish his public image.

Starting from a morphed picture of his son Nara Lokesh in a saree to an atrocious post on a woman TDP activist and to deteriorating posts on Kodela and furniture issue to Vijay Sai Reddy’s provoking tweets to demeaning post on former DGP Thakur, Naidu has read one-by-one post and shown all selected derogatory social posts allegedly made by his political rivals.

Expressing his angst, Naidu said all the details and posts have been submitted to DGP and asked him to take action against the wrong doers.