TJS Supports Congress in Huzurnagar Bypoll

Vastavam web: Telangana Jana Samithi Party led by Kodandaram has decided to oppose and defeat the ruling Telangana Rashtra Samithi in the Huzurnagar by-election. Kodandaram expressed his unconditional support to Congress nominee Padmavati Reddy, who is wife of Congress state president Uttamkumar Reddy. Kodandaram is a former partner in the Mahakutami alliance formed during 2018 Telangana assembly election.

The TJS support may be nominal but political observers consider this as a morale booster to the Congress at a time when it is being isolated on the state political scene. Kodandaram fought alongside with KCR in the separate statehood agitation. But after TRS came to power, he distanced from KCR even as their differences grew bigger over the years.