Terminate White Ration Cards of All Government Employees: AP CM

Vastavam web: The Andhra Pradesh govt headed by Jagan Mohan Reddy is making all the necessary steps to reach all the welfare schemes to the right people who are below the poverty line. All the welfare schemes are not reaching the correct beneficients and there is huge corruption in the schemes. but the Jagan Mohan Reddy Govt has come to the decision to changing the guidelines to implement the schemes with transparency.

The government has ordered an inquiry on the possession of white ration cards by govt employees in the state. the govt ordered inquiry on the issue and asked to remove the white ration card belonging to employees.

In this connection, the District Revenue Officers from all the districts coming up with a strategy to remove the white cards by linking it to the AAdhar cards. The Civil supply officers who have taken these details have linked the ration cards to Aadhaar. The details of government employees with ration cards have been identified. There are 7,12,303 ration cards in the district. With Aadhaar, 7,204 ration cards have been identified as government employees. All of them stopped the ration in September.

So the officials decided to set an inquiry by visiting their households and verify their status and go ahead of removing the white card so that the real beneficient would be getting the schemes.