I Wore Those Sarees First before Nayantara and Tamanna : Mega Daughter

Vastavam web: Mega daughter Sushmita Konidela has once again designed costumes for her legendary father Megastar Chiranjeevi. For the magnum opus Sye Raa, she has researched a lot, she says, before getting the right costumes of the 1800s for almost all the major character. Sushmita says that she designed clothes for Megastar Chiru, Amitabh, Nayantara as well as Tamanna in the movie. We hear that popular designer Anju Modi has provided the heritage looking costumes for all the leads, while director Gautham Menon’s sister Uthara Menon also worked as a stylist on the film.

“I’ve got 12-foot long silk sarees for Nayantara and Tamanana which give us the needed drape but are actually quite heavy. Before giving them, I’ve tried those sarees on myself to check weight and other issues. It took two years of my time to work on Sye Raa regarding which I’ve to move to Hyderabad from Chennai, and miss my husband” says Sushmita, sharing her thoughts.