Fourty Two Massive sets Erected for Sye Raa: Art Director Rajeevan

Vastavam web: Freedom fighter Uyyalavada Narasimha Reddy happens to be the head for 64 villages and every village has its own story. Every village has its own beauty and the artwork defines the specialty of the village. The makers erected 42 massive sets to narrate the story of these villages. Airport and Jagannadha Konda sets are the major highlights said the film’s art director Rajeevan.

Designing Syeraa sets and the look of Megastar turned out to be quite difficult as they had limited information and references from the history. Rajeevan said that they took ample time to recreate the history and design the characters and their looks. “I formed a team and started the pre-production work in March 2017. We prepared the sketches of the major characters and then started finalizing the designs for their costumes. 15,000 pairs of costumes have been stitched by 22 tailors in a time span of five months” said Rajeevan while speaking to a leading daily.

The sets should look realistic to bring soul to a periodic drama. We shot several war episodes in Georgia as we needed 1500 British troops. We shot there for 28 days and we prepared 200 dummy rifles for the war sequences. All the weapons are specially designed by my team and the makers spent massive money on these minute things. The money spent on rifles and weapons is equal to the budget of 2-3 small films” concluded Rajeevan.