Vice President Interesting Comments On Party Defections

Vastavam web: Vice President Venkaiah Naidu has completed two years in his office and on this occasion a small gathering was arranged at Hotel Gateway in Vijayawada. Speaking on the occasion, Venkaiah said he initially declined the Vice President post when PM Modi proposed his name. “When Modi wanted me to become Vice President, I initially was not in a mood to accept it. But Modi said I know how to get things done in whatever role, I’m placed. Later I accepted,” said Venkaiah and then he went on to make interesting comments on party defections.

“Politicians should follow ethics. Previously a party in government had encouraged defections and even made ministers those who changed the party. Politicians are not answerable to anyone and so they are behaving as per their wish. But people are watching everything,” said Venkaiah. The Vice President also suggested that the Schedule 10 should be amended and any MLA or MP who defects the party should face action within three months time.