Saaho Rates Hiked in Telugu States

Vastavam web: ‘Saaho’ will be screened with hiked prices in Andhra Pradesh. The makers are also hoping to get the same order in Telangana but there is permission for this yet. Some theaters in Telangana already have got on an old court order to hike the ticket pricing for certain films. In Andhra Pradesh, the film will be screened with Rs 200 in most theaters. Even in the USA, the ticket prices for Premiere shows are in the range of $ 25 to $30. So, the opening figure will be HUGE.

‘Saaho’ already is carrying humungous expectations. People are waiting for the film for a long time. Given the hype around it, the hiked pricing will not be detrimental but will help it in getting a staggering amount from the openings. The makers are also hoping to get permission for extra shows in both the Telugu states.