Kodela Siva Prasad Bringing Bad Name to TDP: Senior leader Ramaiah

Vastavam web: Former AP Assembly speaker Kodela Siva Prasad is under severe criticism for using furniture of the assembly. He tried to settle the issue by offering to return them or pay the total value of the furniture.

Senior leader Varla Ramaiah said, “Kodela is a senior leader and in the past had been in many positions when in government. He never took advantage of government benefits but it is unfortunate that he is in the wrong side. Kodela should not have used Assembly furniture at all and should have returned the furniture next day after the election results. Because of such actions, party’s reputation is getting damaged”

“Naturally when your opponent finds fault, they will criticize you. Being in government they are unable find out our wrongdoings and when they get something like Kodela’s issue, they turn it into a big scene,” said Ramaiah.