Raj Tarun Missed Hit Films: Raja Ravindra

Vastavam web: “There is no point in worrying that the story we’ve missed out became a super hit for some other hero, and celebrating in the story that we rejected has become a flop for another hero,” says hero Raj Tarun’s manager, popular character artiste Raja Ravindra.

In an interview, he revealed that both Raj Tarun and himself felt that Taxiwala story is bland as the film revolves only around the car, and has revenge drama all over the place will not work in theatres. But the film became super hit at the box office. “We felt both Taxiwala and Satamanam Bhavathi won’t work. Later we picked a story pitched by Maruthi, with superior confidence that it will become a super hit, but Rajugadu has failed big time,” said Raja Ravindra.