Social Media Caused More Damage to Party: Janasena

Vastavam web: After Pawan Kalyan and his party faced a humiliating defeat in 2019 general polls, one of the reasons that many mentioned was that Kalyan did have a mainstream media channel like other parties. Even during the election campaigning, Pawan has projected that social media is party’s biggest strength and it is going to help him big-time to reach the people of AP.

Now, Pawan Kalyan feels that social media is causing more damage to the party. Also, Jana Sena Political Affairs Committee member Rammohan Rao made social media responsible for the party’s loss. He said: “Some people who took to social media over party not giving ticket to their favorite leaders have put up some false propaganda against Jana Sena on internet.”

During his interaction with Vijayawada Parliamentary Leaders Pawan Kalyan stated ‘If you are upset with activities of the party, you can come to the party office and report the situation to me in the dedicated time slots, rather than approaching the social media with some posts.