India is not a ‘Developing Nation: US President

Vastavam web: The United States President Donald Trump has once again made controversial comments on India and indirectly threatened. Addressing the gathering of workers at a Shell chemical plant in Pennsylvania, Trump said India and China are taking many advantages with the tag ‘Developing Nation’ while the US is suffering.

The US President then threatened that America will withdraw from World Trade Organisation (WTO) if the reforms don’t improve. In the recent times, Trump has made such statements against India. In June, Trump said that India is imposing large tax on American products and this is not at all acceptable.

According to WTO, it offers certain benefits to countries that want to see industrial progress. Also WTO assists in negotiating the terms and condition for foreign companies to invest in a developing nation. India got a ‘Developing Nation’ tag from WTO and so over the years many international companies have made the country as their base. With these investments, India is trying to eradicate poverty and create employment and other opportunities for the people.