Vijayawada man beheads wife, throws head into Canal

Vastavam web: In a ghastly incident, a man brutally beheaded his wife and dumped the head in Budameru drain on Sunday. People were aghast on seeing the killer, Pradeep Kumar, running on the road with the head of his wife in his hand in Srinagar colony, which is under the limits of Satyanarayanapuram police station. Dispute between the husband and wife is the prime reason for the brutal murder of the woman Manikranti.

According to Satyanarayanapuram police, P Pradeep Kumar, 30, and Manikranti, 26, fell in love and married five years ago. After two years, dispute broke out between the couple, and since then the wife had been living with her mother in fourth line of the Srinagar colony. The wife lodged several complaints against the husband of harassment.

he accused husband was nursing grudge against the wife and decided to murder her on Sunday. He went to the residence of his in-laws’ house where Manikranti was staying and lay in wait.

When Manikranti returned home at 1.30 pm after shopping, Pradeep pounced on her and mercilessly decapitated her with a dagger. Then holding her severed head, he ran away to the shock of onlookers. Later, he dumped the head in the Budameru drain before surrendering to the police at Satyanarayanapuram police station. Locals were panicked by the gruesome murder and running of the accused with the head in his hand. Family members of the wife staged a protest at Satyanaranapuram police station alleging that the police failed to protect Manikranti in spite of complaints lodged with them.