AP Government urged to revive APNA-GPS Project

Vastavam web: Andhra Pradesh NGO Alliance (APNA), a conglomeration of NGOs, engaged in organising of NREGS workers into Gram Panchayat Samakyas (GPS) is demanding that the new YSR Congress government restart the GPS run with the active involvement of APNA. They were earlier suspended by the previous TDP government. APNA is also opposing the direct transfer of wages into the accounts of NREGS workers on the premise of inordinate delay by the Central government in effecting transfer of funds. The Centre had introduced National Electronic Fund Management System (NEFMS) for transfer of funds directly into workers accounts to prevent diversion and misuse of funds by the State governments concerned.

The Centre is of the view that NREGS funds were being diverted and misused for supporting other schemes. APNA observes that the Centre to prevent a lesser evil was resorting to a greater evil with inordinate delay in payments of timely wages and in most of the cases for months, defeating the very purpose of wage employment. During the TDP regime, APNA and GPS had become a casualty to unfriendly opinions of certain officials in the State Rural Development Commissionerate.

This resulted in the ultimate suspension of APNA and watering down the very spirit of the APNA-GPS project concept. APNA is basically involved in organising of the NREGS labourers into GPS for the express purpose of handling and tackling NREGS workers’ problems and to bridge the gap between the governments and the NREGS workers.