Former Karnataka CM blames IT dept for CCD Founder Death

Vastavam web: The tragic death of Cafe Coffee Day founder VG Siddhartha has sent shocking waves among both business people and political leaders. Given that VG is elder son-in-law of former Karnataka Chief Minister SM Krishna, the politics over his death is getting heated up. Siddaramaiah, the senior Congress leader who served as CM of Karnataka from 2013-18, alleged that ‘tax terrorism’ has led to the suicide of VG Siddhartha. He also demanded for a fair and impartial investigation into his death.

In a couple of tweets, Siddaramaiah said: “The death of V G Siddhartha is both disturbing &mysterious. The reasons & the invisible hands that ended his life in this tragic way should be unearthed through impartial &fair investigation.

Our party & I shall always stand with Shri. S M Krishna in their fight for justice. The letter supposed to have written by V G Siddhartha few days before his death has discussed about tax terrorism, which is an ugly face of politically motivated institutions.