Rajendra Prasad plays Lead Role in ‘Tholubommalata’

Vastavam web: Dr Rajendra Prasad plays the lead role in ‘Tholubommalata,’ which is expected to be a entertaining family drama scripted around the concept “Life is like a Puppet Show” by Vishwanath Maganti. Produced by Durga Prasad Maganti, the movie portrays comedy, love and emotions with a perfectly twisted story and performances by Dr. Rajendra Prasad, Viswant, Harshitha, Vennela Kishore and others.

Coming to the story, a happily living old-man Somaraju known as Sodalaraju for his fondness for Golisoda. As the movie progresses, he tries to resolve the issues and complexities rising in and around his family as a loving father and beloved grandfather. ‘Tholubommalata’ movie team finished the shooting part in Hyderabad and Amalapuram recently and even started speeding up the post production works of the movie.