BJP Wins confidence vote in Karnataka

Vastavam web: Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) was set to return to power in Karnataka after narrowly defeating its arch-rival Congress in a confidence vote on Tuesday. Karnataka, home to India’s tech hub of Bengaluru, is the only one of India’s five southern states where Modi’s Hindu nationalist party has held office.

“The people of the state have expressed confidence in us. We will give them an administration that is trustworthy and visionary,” said J.C. Madhuswamy, a BJP lawmaker in Karnataka.

More than a dozen legislators from Congress’s coalition quit earlier this month, triggering a majority test in the state assembly. Both sides traded allegations of bribing legislators to secure their support. Congress said the outcome was a defeat for democracy. “Karnataka has lost due to the conspiracy of anti-constitution, anti-democratic BJP,” it said in a statement.

The BJP has been trying to widen its support base beyond the north and west of India, and Karnataka is seen as a beachhead for advancing into a south long dominated by regional parties. Congress, which has suffered a leadership crisis ever since Rahul Gandhi resigned as party chief earlier this month, faces further marginalisation following the loss of Karnataka.