TTD to remain closed on July 16 due to lunar eclipse

Vastavam web: There will be no issuing of Divya Darshan (DD) and Slotted Sarva Darshan (SSD) tokens for the darshan of Lord on July 16 (Tuesday) due to lunar eclipse. The TTD decided to cancel the issuing of these tokens to pilgrims keeping in view of the limited hours availability for darshan in Tirumala temple on Tuesday due to the performance of Koil Alwar Tirumanjanam.

The temple will be closed for darshan from 7 pm onwards on that day as Tirumanjanam is held in the temple from morning 6 to 12 noon. The temple will be reopened next day at 5 am. According to TTD almanac, the lunar eclipse falls between 1.31 am and lasts up to 4.29 am on July 17. Since it is a tradition to close the temple six hours prior to eclipse, the temple remains closed from 7 pm of July 16 till 5 am of July 17.

In other words, the darshan will be available for common pilgrims on Tuesday (July 16) only for five hours between 12 pm to 5 pm as against the normal timings of from morning to midnight. Due to full moon eclipse, the rejigging of the arrangements was made by the administration keeping in view of the temple remains closed for nearly 10 hours leaving less time availability for darshan to pilgrims.

On the other hand, Annaprasadam distribution also remains closed. “To avoid any inconvenience to multitude of visiting pilgrims, TTD has taken the decision to cancel the DD and SSD tokens on July 16 as the temple remains opens only for five hours on that day between 12 noon to 5 pm following eclipse, a temple official explained.