KCR Funds to anti-BJP Parties?

Vastavam web: The Modi-Shah duo have chosen KCR and his son KTR as their immediate target in the South India. Political circles are full of rumours that the BJP has got definite information about how KCR has planned to use his Federal Front to destabilise their party at the national level. Amit Shah has also got information that under the cover of his front, KCR has provided large-scale election funds to anti-BJP leaders in different states including Mamata Banerjee.

During his private talks, Amit Shah told his party colleagues that he was not at all happy with the party’s good show in North Indian states. He said that the BJP’s real strength would be completely achieved only when the party is in power in South Indian states as well. For this, he told his party men about KCR’s secret plans to weaken BJP and asked them to get all information about financial sources of the TRS boss.