BJP trying to Pull Dhoni into the Party

Vastavam web: Jharkhad assembly elections are due in less than 6 months. Currently BJP is ruling the state as it formed government in December 2014 after winning 43 out of total 81 seats in assembly. With elections fast approaching, BJP is trying to rope in Mahendra Singh Dhoni, former captain of the Indian cricket team, into the party.

Fondly called as Jharkhand dynamite by his fans, he made his footprint felt very strongly in Indian cricket. However, recently there are rumors about Dhoni retirement. Even though nothing is confirmed yet about his retirement, BJP is planning to rope him into the politics.

As per these rumors, BJP is planning to contest Dhoni for assembly if he agrees and hopes his popularity will help BJP in assembly elections. In case Dhoni does not agree to contest or join the party, BJP is trying to see at least Dhoni campaigns for the party.