Google suspends email alerting system in New Zealand

Vastavam web: Google has suspended an email alerting system in New Zealand following criticism by the government for publishing suppressed details of a murder case, the company said on Friday. The suspension of the service comes as the Alphabet-owned giant and its peers, such as Facebook Inc and Twitter Inc, as well as governments around the world, wrestle with the question of responsibility for the content published on the platforms.

The murder last year shocked New Zealand, where serious crimes are relatively rare. The name of a man accused of the killing has been suppressed by a court but it appeared in Google Trends emails listing top search terms in New Zealand.

The company had earlier written to New Zealand Justice Minister Andrew Little advising him of the decision after Little on Wednesday urged the company not to be “evil” and to “do the right thing” to prevent more breaches. The company said it respected New Zealand law and understood the sensitivity of the issue. Millane, who was traveling after finishing university, went missing in Auckland, New Zealand’s largest city, on Dec. 1.