Prashant Kishor to work for AIADMK?

Vastavam web: After YS Jagan’s victory, Prashant Kishore became the most sought after political strategist in the country. He already got assignment to work for Mamta Banerjee’s TMC in upcoming assembly elections for West Bengal. Now Tamil Nadu CM and AIADMK chief Palanisamy wants to have his services in next assembly elections.

Prashant Kishore’s IPAC has been in the services of political strategy for quite some time in India. His successes in Gujarat and Bihar prompted many political parties to hire him. In fact, immediately after losing 2014 elections, Jagan signed him for 2019 elections. he even made a public statement during Nandyal bypolls that Prashant Kishor will make him CM in 2019. Prashant Kishore lived up to the expectations of Jagan and made him CM, as Jagan stated earlier.

However, Tamil nadu politics are quite different and AIADMK is facing huge anti-incumbency. Out of 39 Lok sabha seats, it got only 1 in 2019 LS elections. It would be humongous task for him to lead AIADMK into victory in upcoming assembly elections.