London Mayor calls for preferential norms for Indian businesses, students

Vastavam web: Pakistani-origin London Mayor Sadiq Khan has called for similar preferential norms for Indian companies and students as those offered to China in order to boost foreign direct investment (FDI) from India into the British capital. Indian businesses employ around 50,000 people in London and are the second-biggest foreign investors in London. According to a data of London & Partners (L&P), the Mayor of London’s promotional agency, FDI from India into London increased by 255 per cent from 2017 to 2018.

“The government’s got to make it easier for businesses to come to London. Immigration policies have got to change, it’s got to be easier for Indian students and business people to come here,” Mr Khan said on the sidelines of the annual Asian Voice Charity Awards in London on Friday evening.

“The government has made some changes to make it easier for China, and I welcome that, but also India deserves the same sort of preferential treatment…I worry because of this government’s hostile immigration policies, we aren’t seeing many talented students coming to London, particularly talented Indians. I am hoping the government realises this is a huge opportunity lost,” he said.

China being included on a list of countries offered easier UK student visa application norms is one of the preferential routes currently not open to India.