Vote for Narendra Modi as he has made the country secure: Amit Shah

Vastavam web: Launching an electoral blitzkrieg in Bihar, BJP president Amit Shah on Monday urged the people to vote for Prime Minister Narendra Modi “for only one reason, he has made the country secure.”

Addressing five rallies in the state, Shah said “here are the names of more than 100 welfare schemes launched by the Modi government. You need not, however, vote for your NDA candidate because of the improvement in your lives these measures might have brought. Simply vote for one reason, Modi has made the country secure”.

“Recall the 10 years of UPA rule when Aliyas, Maliyas and Jamaliyas from Pakistan used to attack our armed forces at will and the government headed by Mauni Baba (former PM Manmohan Singh) and leaders like Rahul Baba could not utter a word. Contrast the situation with now when every bullet fired from across the border is retaliated with a mortar shell (goli kaa jawaab gola se)”, Shah said.

Lambasting the Congress for promising abrogation of Article 370 and its ally Omar Abdullah of the National Conference for demanding restoration of the post of Prime Minister in Jammu and Kashmir, the BJP chief asserted “at present we are in power. But in future even if we cease to be in power we will fight tendencies which are sympathetic to Kashmir’s secession, till our last breath”.

At one of the rallies, Shah also made mention of the National Registry of Citizens which has become a contentious issue in the north-east and asserted “we are committed to driving out all infiltrators – from Kashmir to Kanyakumari and from Kolkata to Kutch -“.