Mamata Didi Personally selects and sends Bengali Sweets for Me : Modi

Vastavam Web: Bollywood Hero Akshay Kumar has turned newsman to interview Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The actor, who had raised the Twitter buzz with a cryptic tweet about the mysterious project a few days ago, has finally revealed that he has done a non-political interview with Prime Minister Narendra Modi, which will be released to media at 9 am today, April 24.

In an interview with Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar, the Prime Minister revealed to the media that “I have several friends in opposition parties. You will be surprised to know that Mamata didi even now will personally select one or two kurtas for me every year,” he said. Narendra Modi said, when Bangladeshi Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina started the trend of exchanging Bengali sweets, Mamata Banerjee got to know about it and followed suit.

living with his family, Modi said he had detached himself from his family at a very young age.”If I had become Prime Minister and then left the home then naturally I would have wanted to stay with them. However, I left my family at a very young age,” he said.