We should sit down and talk about problems: Pak PM

Vastavam Web: After tensions escalated between India and Pakistan on Wednesday, the Indian government confirmed that an Indian Air Force pilot is missing in action and has acknowledged that Pakistan has claimed that the pilot is in their captivity, and that they were trying to ascertain the facts. Hours after Pakistan shot an Indian plane down and put out videos of an Indian pilot in their captivity, Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan said that they are ready to hold talks with India.
The situation that has been going on since yesterday — I want to take you into confidence about it. See, after Pulwama, we have offered to India that if they want to do any kind of investigation, we are ready for it. They faced casualties in Pulwama. Bomb blast victims who’ve lost their hands, who’ve lost their legs, who cannot walk, who’ve lost their eyes. So I know what the families of those who’ve lost their lives and those who have been injured are going through. And that’s why we made an offer to India that Pakistan is ready to help them with any investigation they want to do. Our plan was always to ensure there be no collateral damage, no casualties. We just wanted to tell India that we have the capability — that if you can enter our country, we can also enter your country and take action. This was our only cause. During Pakistan’s retaliation, two Indian MiGs crossed the border. We shot them down. The pilots are with us. World history tells us that that there are miscalculations in wars. My question to the Indian government is — with the weapons that you have and we have, can we afford a miscalculation? Shouldn’t we think about what will happen if the situation escalates? This will not be in my control or in Narendra Modi’s control.

That’s why, I once again invite you. We are sitting ready — we have told you that the hurt you have faced because of Pulwama tragedy… If you want any kind of dialogue over terrorism, we are ready. But I would like to tell you again, that right now, better sense should prevail. We should sit down and talk about our problems.