Konda Reddy Fort vandalised in Pawan Meeting

Vastavam web: Konda Reddy fort in Kurnool, a National Monument, was subjected to vandalism by fans of movie star turned politician Pawan Kalyan at a meeting held by the Janasena party on Sunday. Over one thousand people barged into the fort climbing its walls and barricades and brandishing Janasena flags. More than 200 flower pots were crushed and steel railings were found twisted and benches had been damaged causing a loss of an estimated Rs.1 lakh. A case has been filed in the II town police station.

An ASI official expressed his surprise that the Konda Reddy fort was chosen as the venue for the meeting and demanded to know how the officials granted permission for Pawan Kalyan’s meeting near the fort. An ASI official alleged that there are only two policemen sent to help, who did next to nothing in controlling the crowd. The ASI official said, “We were no match for them.”