Superstar Movie with Pelli Choopulu director?

Vastavam web: Mahesh Babu is set to work with an interesting set of talented Telugu directors. As per sources Mahesh Babu is going to join the hands with none other than Pelli Choopulu fame Tharun Bhasker. Mahesh Babu met Tharun Bhasker and they discussed about the possibility of the project. The sources say that Mahesh Babu is very happy with the narration but nothing is yet finalized.

Tharun Bhascker’s directorial debut in 2016, Pelli Choopulu struck a chord with the audiences and was termed a game-changer in Telugu cinema. For Pelli Choopulu he won the National Film Award for Best Feature Film in Telugu and Best Screenplay – Dialogues. Tharun Bhascker started his career with short films and has directed many short films like critically acclaimed short film with Vinoothna Geetha Media, Anukokunda, and Sainma, a hit on YouTube channel.