APTA Women Empowerment Program: Sanitary Napkins Distribution in Telangana Schools

Vastavam web: American Progressive Telugu Association(APTA) took a new initiative AWEP (APTA Women Empowerment Program) which focuses on providing sanitary napkins, Incinerators ( Machine to burn used pads) & organize awareness sessions of using pads in Government High Schools in the states of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana which started on March 8th 2018.

Thousands of girls and women face sanitary challenges every month in remote villages due to lack of access to female hygienic pads. They are forced to improvise with unhygienic alternatives. These alternatives put them at a higher risk for infectious diseases and missing more school days as a result. Thousands of girls and women go through this challenge every month in some places due to lack of access to female hygienic pads. Having access to sanitary pads is not luxury for these girls (or even women for that matter) it is a basic human right, the right for basic means to cleanliness, for health, for education and above all, the preservation of human dignity.

On part of this awareness program, APTA successfully delivered the 6 months supplies of free sanitary napkins lasting till April 2019 to all the 20 Govt High Schools in Andhra , Telangana and Yanam . Recently APTA distributed napkins at Maskapur school in Telangana also. APTA Vice President Dr.Neeraja Naidu Chavakula thanked each and everyone , Volunteers , Past Leadership Team, all the Regional Women Directors of Women Forum for being a part of our AWEP journey and helping us achieve this milestone of successfully running this one of a kind initiative since its inception for this past 1 year. He specially thanked Mr.Janardhan Pannela and SE Regional Women Director Ms.Hima Bindu Naraharisetti for cordinating with Maskapur and Surjapur schools in Telangana.

Vice President Dr.Neeraja Naidu Chavakula specially thanked all the donors and all our APTA Aadapaduchulu saying that without your help this project would not have been successful . I’m looking forward to the same kind of support and enthusiasm from all of you for 2019 as well, said Dr.Neeraja Naidu Chavakula. He would like to thank our current President Mr. Nataraju Elluri and the Current Leadership Team for being very supportive of all these programs and committed to take these programs forward with renewed rigor and energy under his leadership.