Boyapati and Danayya abusive war on VVR

Vastavam web: ‘Vinaya Vidheya Rama’ which got released this Sankranthi has ended up losing more than Rs 30 Cr as the film bombed at the box-office. Now Ram Charan and producer Danayya have come forward to compensate the buyers for their losses by refunding some money. Before asking money from me, you should reveal all the business deals, Boyapati asks the producer.

Boyapati also wants the producer to show him account books pertaining to the production cost, the business deals with all the buyers, and the revenue earned from other avenues like satellite rights, digital rights, dubbing rights and audio. Eventually, Boyapati will have to return some money but he doesn’t want to give up on this so easily. He is fighting with hero and producer as he feels they defamed him.