Touring cricketers families a ‘headache’ for BCCI

Vastavam web: Indian cricketers travelling with their wives, children and nannies have put the BCCI in a state of inconvenience. The players have been allowed to have their families with them for two weeks when the tours are lengthy. BCCI had faced some problems in Australia – like transporting the players, supporting staff and family members whose number was near to 40. The board hired two buses at times but still found it difficult to manage the strength.

As per reports BCCI had allowed wives to stay with their husbands after the first 10 days of the tour. The board also tried a ‘family period’, in which the families visited the players for a set period of time, which was different from tour to tour. On Thursday a BCCI official told, “If the team is travelling with less number of members, it is easier to manage. It’s easy for BCCI staff to make off-field arrangements. Right from booking tickets to rooms, the entire management of handling the arrangement is with BCCI. It would be a logistical nightmare if this arrangement – of families travelling with the players – continues to be there in England for the entire duration of the World Cup.” The official further added, “It is difficult to manage all of them together. There is also the problem of arranging match tickets for their families.