Movie Review: F2 – Fun and Frustration


OVERVIEW: Venky(Venkatesh) is a frustrated husband who starts hating his wife(Tamannaah) just after six months of his marriage This is also the time when Varun(Varun Tej) falls in love with Honey(Mehreen) who is Venky’s crazy sister in law. This leads to more problems for the frustrated men. After a point in the film, the frustration gets to the duo so much that they leave their loved ones and escape to Europe. There, they face a deadly situation and get stuck in even bigger problems featuring their wives. Rest of the story is as to how they come out of their problems and win their love back.

REVIEW: Venkatesh’s comic timing is the main asset of the movie. He leads the film from the front. Whenever he is on screen, you get entertained. Entire first half, he dominates with his terrific comedy. Varun Tej as Borabanda has managed a bit but his is mostly supporting role to Venky. Tamannah and Mehreen have provided lot of glamour, they have done massy numbers and also have showed off their bikini bodies. Prakash Raj as a guy who is inspired by ‘Gundamma Katha’ in the second half is okay. Priyadarshi and Rajendra Prasad also get lengthy roles. Jhansi as Varun’s mother is good.

There is not much to the story of the film. The main twist of heroes going to Europe to avoid frustrating women look very illogical. It’s Anil Ravipudi’s comedy sense that works big time. There is a comic flaw for almost all the characters in the film (like the characters we find in Jandhyala films). Entire first half is hilarious with comedy.

Director couldn’t come up with a matching comedy sequences in second half. The comedy part in Prakash Raj’s house doesnt work the same way it did for the first half. And it looks forced. However, Nassar’s episode followed by climax makes you go out of the theatres in good mood. Anil Ravipudi has a rare talent to write entertaining characterizations and get the comedy right. He should have worked more on the second half content.

Music by Devi Sri Prasad is decent. Cinematography by Sameer Reddy is good. Dialogues by Anil Ravipudi are hilarious. The entire sequence of highlighting PA to MLA is very humorous (PA ki MLA). Editing is fine. Art direction is nice. Production values are decent (except for the graphics in climax).

Final verdict of the film is F2 is a happy fun film which can be watched with your entire family. Vintage Venky is back and he makes sure that there is all-round entertainment in the film. There is no proper story or logic in the second half but this a kind of a film which should be enjoyed keeping aside all those minor issues.