Movie Review: Sharabha

RATING: 2.25/5

OVERVIEW: Chenrakshudu (Puneet Issar) a black magician, who wants to rule the universe, tries to abduct Divya (Mishty Chakraborty) to give a human sacrifice to his deity to acquire more powers. However, his attempt gets foiled by Sarabha (Aakash Kumar) and his mother Parvathiamma (Jayaprada). When Chenrakshudu sees Parvathiamma, he gets shock because he has a dreaded past. How will Sarabha and his mother stop Chenrakshudu, form rest of the story.

REVIEW: This is Hero Aakash’s first movie. As an actor he has to improve a lot. He chose a huge story for his first movie but forgot to give huge efforts in acting. The dubbing given by Hemachandra for him also was not perfect. Heroine Mishty also did not impress the audience. Though the star cast is huge only Jayaprada’s acting was commendable. No one else did justice to their roles.

The director, who has written the story in the fantasy genre, has slightly gone off track while directing the same on screen. While watching the movie we can see shades of NTR’s ‘Shakti’ and Nagarjuna’s ‘Damarukam’. If we keep the Fantasy aside, the romance between hero and heroine is extremely dull.

Director Narasimha Rao has worked with Tamil Director Shankar previously. We can notice his shades in between. Narasimha Rao who followed Shankar, failed to narrate the story in an interesting manner like he does. Production values are very good. But the music scored by Koti does not impress the audience at all. The background score of the movie is very impressive.

The dialogues are good and meaningful. The Cinematography work by Ramana is appreciable. The background score by Koti is fantastic. The Production values are good. Coming to the director N. Narasimha Rao, he chose a very old storyline to impress the audiences. The love track between the lead pair does not add any weight to the film. The cinematography, VFX works and selection of scenic locations are the major attraction on the technical fronts.

Final verdict of the film is Sarabha is a loud and melodramatic supernatural thriller which is spoilt by uneven narration and over the top emotions. Visuals wise, the film looks good and has decent VFX but the manner in which the proceedings are executed with unnecessary hype take the film down in no time.