Movie Review: Amar Akbar Anthony

RATING: 2.5/5

OVERVIEW: Amar (Ravi Teja) plans to kill a set of people who have ruined his childhood and separated him from childhood friend Aishwarya (Ileana). Akbar (Ravi Teja) saves one of the guys planned to be murdered by Amar (Ravi Teja). Pooja (Ileana), an event manager suffers from anxiety bouts due to trust issues and gets treatment from Anthony (Ravi Teja). How are all these characters related and what is their common goal is what the film is all about? Trust us, it’s not as complicated as you feel while reading it.

REVIEW: Ravi Teja has played a role with three different avatars. As a guy who suffers from split personality, he is believable. He is in his elements in the role of Akbar. Ileana in her second innings is beautiful and has also performed well. Her dubbing is neat.

The film mostly runs on comedy portions. Satya as Paul generates some laughs but his character turns monotonous after a point. Sunil in the second half and Vennela Kishore in the first half provide some comedy but their scenes are not that hilarious.

The villain gang Tarun Arora, Aditya Menon, Abhimamyu Singh and Vikramjit have done just okay job. Former leading actress Laya and her real life daughter make a mark.

Sreenu Vaitla is still struggling to get back to form. Amar Akbar Anthony is just a continuation to his last three disastrous outings. He picked up a revenge plot and tried to make it interesting by introducing multiple personality disorder, which didn’t work out due to poor writing. Even comedy scenes are not up to the mark.

Thaman’s music is below average including background score. Dialogues are lengthy and lacked punch. Cinematography is good. Editing goes haywire with too many flashbacks and sequences that end abruptly. Production values are impressive. Producers have spent a lot and didn’t compromise on the quality.

Final verdict of the film is Amar Akbar Anthony is yet another disappointment from the likes of Sreenu Vaitla. The star director gets it all wrong as the film is a logic less revenge drama which falls flat in many ways.