KCR looted Telangana more than AP rulers says Uttam Kumar Reddy

Vastavam web: KCR has successfully created anti-Andhra sentiment once again by raking up his favoured Telangana sentiment among the people with his pungent attacks on Chandrababu, YSR and others. Congress Telangana President Uttam Kumar Reddy seems to have realized the need for giving a more fitting reply to criticism being made by rivals. He is now saying that KCR and family are looting the state more than Andhra rulers.

Stating that the benefits of statehood have not reached deserving families of martyrs and agitators but it was solely KCR’s family which is reaping all the fruits of those sacrifices made by students and others in the movement. It is well known that KCR has been mounting a direct attack on Chandrababu Naidu saying that Naidu was plotting to destroy TRS by conspiring with Congress. Very strategically, TRS chief is directing more of his criticism at Naidu rather than Congress leaders. Now Uttam Kumar seems to address this issue in a different way. Without taking any particular name, he says that previous Andhra rulers are far better than KCR and his family. This includes Chandrababu as well.