Sri Reddy sensational comments on TRS leader and Tollywood producer

Vastavam web: Sri Reddy, who became popular after her bold protest against casting couch issue, again made some sensational comments on TRS leader Jeevan Reddy and Tollywood producer Bellamkonda Suresh. Sri Reddy once occupied majority of screen time in all Telugu news channels. However, she shifted her base to Chennai after TV channels stopped entertaining her following her tongue slip on Pawan Kalyan. Now she gave an interview to a Tamil news channel in which she alleged that TRS leader Jeevan Reddy had harassed her sexually. She alleged, Jeevan reddy was after her and always made phone calls and sent objectionable messages. She further added that he misbehaved with her at Park Hyatt hotel in Hyderabad. She alleged that producer Bellamkonda helped him in all this. She also told that MLA Jeevan Reddy threatened her saying, his party is in power and he can do anything”.