KCR targeting Chandrababu more than Congress

Vastavam web: KCR is known for gaining an early upper hand by surprising his rivals with his unconventional ideas, unpredictable gameplans and controversial campaign styles. While kickstarting his election meetings recently, KCR made an unsparing attack on TDP and allotted far more time to criticise AP’s Chandrababu Naidu.

But the logic behind TRS strategy with regard to TDP has not been known in detail till now. To change tone, Congress Telangana leaders have been making provocative statements like ‘KCR’s family is enjoying the fruits of sacrifices made by Telangana people in statehood agitation’. As campaign picks up momentum, TRS goes on stepping up its attack on Chandrababu rather than Congress. KTR has come up with an answer to why they have adopted this strategy. He says that there is a greater need to eliminate the threat from Chandrababu who, KTR says, is trying to continue his interference in Telangana state through his party’s alliance with Congress.

KTR has also asked his party leaders to expose Chandrababu more as a threat to TRS rather than Congress. Whatever said and done, KCR has already set the tone for December election campaign. By selecting Chandrababu for his main attack, KCR has apparently indicated that there is no leader in rival parties in Telangana who is equal in stature and experience to him. A clever strategist, KCR has prevented Congress from getting full public focus as the immediate alternative to TRS. In doing so, he tried to remove only major threat to his party in Dec poll.

This is certainly a testing time for Congress Telangana leaders. If they do not counter KCR strategy successfully, they may lose the election battle before it begins. Their immediate need is to present Congress before voters as an immediate alternative to TRS. Only this way, voters will give a serious thought about it.