I Got a Call From PM Office says Kaushal Manda

Vastavam web: Kaushal Manda, the actor-model and businessman, has won the title of Bigg Boss 2 Telugu winner. Recently in an interview, Kaushal Manda revealed that he got a call from the PM after winning the trophy and title of Bigg Boss Telugu 2018. According to him, he got the call from the PM office on the third day after getting the title but as he could not pick that call, his father received the congratulatory message from PM office.

Kaushal Manda also revealed that he hated two persons when he was inside the house of Bigg Boss 2 Telugu and they are Tejaswi Madiwada and Babu Gogineni. Kaushal said, While I was eating in the Bigg Boss 2 house, Tejaswi Madiwada unnecessarily passed some objectionable comments on me regarding the food. She used a lot of bad words in the Bigg Boss 2 house. So I started to hate Tejaswi Madiwada.“ For Babu Gogineni, Kaushal Manda said, “Initially I had good rapport with Babu Gogineni in the house. I considered him as my elder brother and shared some personal things with him. But he cheated me in every task. It took me four weeks to understand his other side.” Kaushal Manda further said that Babu Gogineni did not know how many number of spokes are there in Ashoka chakra on Indian Flag.