I wanted Geetha Madhuri to win the Bigg Boss 2 title: Deepthi

Vastavam web: Bigg Boss 2 Telugu finalist Deepthi nallamothu share experiences in Bigg Boss house in an interview to a TV channel. she told, she wanted Geetha Madhuri to win the title. She also told, she is very happy and contented with her performance in the show. She answered to the comments after playing safe game in the house. she told, she is always like that – be it is organisation or be it in the family, she never shout at anyone even if she feels that what they are doing is wrong.

Deepti told that she is very happy for Kaushal for getting huge fan following through Bigg Boss 2 show. She added that, all the 17 contestants are winners in a way, because they were selected from crores of people and that itself is a very big achievement. Kaushal and Geetha Madhuri top two contenders for the title. Deepti stood at 4th place. So when the anchor asked, what was her mind set at that point of time, she answered that, between Kaushal and Geeta, she wanted Geetha to win because she was her best buddy in the house. She told, there is nothing fake in Bigg Boss show and it is 100% reality show. Many people think that voting pattern is manipulated, show is scripted, and the tasks are fake. But Deepti , who was in house for more than hundred days, clarified that there is nothing fake in this show and they don’t give any scripts for the housemates.