Telangana polls on Amavasya, Will it good for KCR?

Vastavam web: The Election Commission of India (ECI) has announced schedule of polls for Telangana Assembly and declared that polling date as December 7. As per the Hindu calendar, the thithi of the day is ‘Amavasya’ which is said to be not good to begin good works. But, prominent astrologers are saying that as KCR announced dissolution of assembly on September 6 as his lucky number is 6 and the time of the announcement was on “Guru Pushya Yoga” which is a very good time to take key decisions.

“As KCR announced dissolution of the Assembly during Guru Pushya Yoga, the impact of Amavasya may not be shown on him. On 7th December, the star of the day will be Jyesta. As KCR’s birth star is Ashlesha, the star Jyesta is almost said to be Janma Tara to him. As per the birth star of KCR, Utterashada is said to be Kshema Tara to him.