Telugu cinema to expand in remote corners of villages : Shobanaa

Vastavam web: Veteran actress, classical dancer and Padmasri awardee Shobana has become the co-founder of “Jadooj” in collaboration in Toomulooru village in Rangarddy district with the Telangana State government’s outfit ‘T-Fibre.’ Inaugurating the pilot project “Jadooj Entertainments” on Saturday, Sobhana said that she was proud to be associated with a project that would take cinema into the remote corners of the villages in the State and it result in revolutionary changes in entertaining the masses.

“Jadooj” founder CEO Rahul Nehra said that they started this organisation to bring cinema nearer to the common man, especially in the villages. He said that there were 8,000 villages in Telangana State and initially they were planning to open “Jadooj” centres in 500 villages.