KCR using NTR’s self-respect mantra for 2019 elections

Vastavam web: It is well known that KCR is a huge fan of larger-than-life NTR. Now KCR seems to take some lessons out of NTR’s book of success to get victory in Telangana elections for the second successive time. In 2014, TRS claimed credit for Telangana statehood struggle to come to power. It may be recalled NTR put this formula to maximum use and ensured that the mighty Congress bite the dust in 1983 in united AP.

With the elections fast approaching, KTR is bringing ‘self-respect mantra’ to the fore repeatedly saying that a vote for Congress is a vote for Delhi, a vote for TDP is a vote for Amaravati and a vote for Kodandaram is a vote for nobody as it goes useless. The TDP used this mantra against Congress in United AP and now the same plan is working against TDP after formation of separate Telangana. More than that, KTR effectively describes his father KCR as a champion of Telangana pride by saying that KCR had put his head in the jaws of death in the state agitation and made sure that Telangana is a reality now.