Don’t Play With My Patience: Pawan Kalyan

Vastavam web: Much political heat is generated during the ongoing ‘Porata Yatra’ public meetings of Jana Sena leader Pawan Kalyan in Denduluru assembly constituency limits in West Godavari district. Tempers ran high as Pawan’s organisers received phone threatening calls from followers of local TDP MLA Chintamaneni Prabhakar for organising such meetings in their area.

Greatly irked at this, Jana Senani flew into a rage and threatened to turn AP into a burning volcano if the ruling party rowdies continued to embarrass his partymen. We are not afraid of rowdies. Do not see my patience as helplessness. I can also provoke my followers and turn the state into volcano,” said Mr. Pawan in an emotionally-charged speech.

The rift between TDP and Jana Sena is widening slowly in the past few months as Pawan was mounting criticism against the government on the issues of land pooling for Amaravati, sand and liquor mafias. It is no surprise that the controversial MLA Prabhakar will do his best to provoke Pawan when the latter comes to his local constituency.

Pawan delivered an angry speech saying that such reckless rowdism would be countered with courage and conviction. He asked as to why the TDP is not taking any disciplinary action against such extra constitutional forces that are putting hardships to people.