Pawan Kalyan Desperately Demanding Panchayat Elections

Vastavam web: Pawan Kalyan’s West Godavari tour started on grand note at Bhimavaram and thousands of people attended his meeting yesterday. In the meeting pawan demanded Chandrababu naidu to conduct Panchayat polls at the earliest. It is known that Panchayat polls are due in the state and government and state election commission has to start preparation to conduct Panchayat elections. Pawan Kalyan started slamming Chandrababu for not conducting Panchayat elections as he fears the defeat in Panchayat elections.

These Panchayat elections is a very good opportunity for new political parties to join the cadres and leaders at low level of hierarchy into their party. It will be a huge opportunity for new party to build the cadre at ground level.Actually, when PRP started in 2008 it didn’t have an opportunity to contest local polls before 2009 elections. Because of this, only aspirants at MLA and MP level join the party but the party remained weak at ground level and this reflected in 2009 general elections. So, it is clear that Pawan wants to strengthen his party at ground level before 2019 elections using this local polls.