Janasena chief fires on Jagan and Lokesh

Vastavam web: Pawan Kalyan is all set to start his West Godavari tour today. Since last two days Pawan Kalyan has been meeting several people at Bhimavaram. While speaking to all of them, he fired salvos on Jagan and Lokesh. He criticized Lokesh as he said, the one who became Minister back door wants to become Chief Minister. He also criticized Jagan as he said the one who has been in jail for so long wants to become Chief Minister.

He also added that if Lokesh or Jagan get a chance to make laws, we can easily imagine what the plight of those laws will be. Because both of them will first think, whether the law they are making will help them personally or not. He has been meeting various groups throughout the day yesterday. Janasena public meeting will be around 4 o’clock this evening.