T-Hub ties up with global tech giants to support start-ups

Vastavam web: In a bid to enable startups scale faster and accelerate growth in India, global startup catalyst T-Hub on Wednesday announced it is working with Microsoft and Amazon Web Services (AWS). The technology companies that also include Google Cloud, DigitalOcean, HubSpot and Zoho will help startups of T-Hub’s cohort-based incubation programme “Lab32” advance their daily operational tasks by providing them with a suite of services, training and access to events.

“Today, startups have the power of getting closer to global market within a shorter time, thanks to collaborative efforts of technology partners. Startups can now build and scale their technology stack and get to market quickly with the help of our key alliances,” said Jay Krishnan, CEO of T-Hub. T-Hub’s premium partners will provide startups with free credits by giving them access to various service offerings and training programmes. After exhausting free credits, the startups can continue to avail these services at an affordable price.